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Royal Motors-RY125A
Royal Motor-RYGY150
Royal Motors-RYGY150 PLUS
Royal Motors-RY150-12

Royal Motors-RY125-17
Royal Motor-RYGY125-9
Royal Motors-RYGY150-36
Royal Motors-RY150-36-Black

Royal Motors-RYSPORTS II
Royal Motor-RYSPORTS 200
Royal Motors-RY110-35
Royal Motors-RY150-1


Royal Motors Tricycles- Aboboyaa-RY150ZH-2
Royal Motors Tricycles- Aboboyaa-RY150ZH-30

Royal Motors Tricycles- Aboboyaa ry200zh-4
Royal Motor Aboboyaa-RY200ZH-4AW

Royal Motors Abpbpyaa-RY200ZH-4C
Royal Motor Aboboyaa-RY200ZH-4AW

Royal Motorcycle

A symbol of Strength and Power.

- A Royal on the road.